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B2B Clients & Initiatives

* We have listed some of our business clients. Note that some clients may be left out due to non-disclosure agreements.

BVK e.V.

Private Equity, Politics, Investing.
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Physical Therapy Platform Startup
Therapy, Online Portal, Startup.
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Food, Politics, Food Industry.
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German Impact Investing

A BVK e.V. Initiative
Initiative, Politics, Impact Investing.
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Allianz für Pflegekinder

Initiative for Foster Children
Initiative, Politics, Foster Children.
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Supporting Content Creators.

* The PMVG supports smaller creators and freelancers with potential for growth in success. Individuals in the creator support program enjoy benefits including financial aid, consulting, business development and networking opportunities.
Creator Spotlight

Pia Gayk Photography

Photographer & Influencer
Animal Photography, Videography
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